If you run a delivery business and need drivers, you can choose to hire contract drivers. They work as independent contractors, so they don`t work directly for you. They secure jobs and hire independent contractors to deliver the goods. Contract drivers do the following themselves: batch size refers to the quantity of an item ordered for delivery on a specific date or manufactured in a single production cycle. In other words, batch size essentially refers to the total quantity of a product ordered for manufacture. In financial markets, lot size is a measure or increase in volume that is appropriate or made by the party offering to buy or sell. A simple example of lot size BIRTH, birth, med. Jur. The act of a woman who gives birth to her offspring. 2. It is often very important to determine if and when a delivery took place. Delivery can be made in relation to 1. For a false delivery.

2. For concealed delivery and, 3. At the usual delivery traces. 3.-1. In a false birth, the woman declares herself a mother without actually being a mother; An action that is always triggered by madness or deception. 4. False childbirth can occur from three points of view: 1. If the woman claiming to have never been pregnant. With a thorough examination, this can always be detected. There are signs that must be present and cannot be falsified. An enlargement of the opening of the uterus and tumfaction of the organs of production should always be present, and if they are not present, they are conclusive against the fact.

Annales d`Hygiène, Volume II, p. 227. 2. If the false pregnancy and childbirth were preceded by one or more deliveries. In this case, attention should be paid to the following circumstances: secrecy, if any, which has been influenced in relation to the situation of the woman; their age; that of her husband and, above all, if she is old or decrepit. 3. If the woman is actually born and replaces a dead child who earns a living. From a physical examination, however, little evidence can be obtained on this subject.

5.-2. A secret delivery usually takes place when the woman has destroyed her offspring or is stillborn. In suspected cases, the following circumstances must be taken into account: 1. Proof of pregnancy resulting from the mother`s examination. If she was pregnant and gave birth, the usual signs of childbirth mentioned below will be present. Careful examination of the woman`s appearance before and after childbirth will have some weight, although such evidence cannot always be relied upon, since such phenomena are often misleading. 2. Proof of the last delivery. 3. The link between the alleged state of birth and the condition of the child that is found; Because if the age of the child does not correspond to this time, it will be a strong circumstance in favor of the innocence of the mother. Redness of the tibia and attachment of the umbilical cord to the navel indicate a recent birth.

Whether the child lived at birth is part of the issue of infanticide. (n.a.) 6.-3. The usual signs of childbirth are very well gathered in Beck`s excellent treatise on medical jurisprudence and are extracted here: if the female is examined within three or four days after the beginning of childbirth, the following circumstances are usually observed: more or less weakness, a slight pallor of the face, the eye a little sunken, and surrounded by a purple or dark brown ring and a white of the skin, like a person recovering from an illness. The abdomen is soft, the skin of the abdomen is flaccid, is found in wrinkles and is crossed in different directions by bright reddish and whitish lines, which extend especially from the groin and pubic bone to the navy. These lines have sometimes been called albicantes linecae and are particularly observed near the umbilical region, where the abdomen has experienced the greatest stretching. Breasts become dumb and hard, releasing a liquid under pressure, which is first serous, then gradually becomes whiter; And the presence of this secretion is usually accompanied by a full pulse and soft skin, covered with moisture of a peculiar and somewhat acidic smell. The areolas around the nipples are dark in color. The external genitalia and vagina are dilated and swollen by the pressure of the fetus throughout their extent. The uterus can be felt through abdominal pills, bulky, firm and spherical, and almost as high as the navel.

Its opening is soft and moldy and widened to accommodate two or more fingers. The Fork; or the anterior edge of the perineum, is sometimes torn, or it is lax, and appears to have undergone considerable stretching. A discharge (called lochial) begins from the uterus, which differs from menstruation in its particular and known pale color, smell and duration. Lochia initially have a red color and gradually become lighter until they stop. 7. These signs can usually be used as an indication of the state of pregnancy, but require a lot of experience so as not to be deceived by appearances. 8.-1. Perforated discharge could be confused with menstruation or fluoridated albus if there was no particular smell; And this was not found by any trick impossible to destroy. 9.-2.

Relaxation of the soft parts occurs as often through menstruation as through childbirth; But in these cases, the uterus bone and vagina are not so swollen, nor this sensitivity and swelling. The parts are pale and flaccid when all signs of bruising disappear after childbirth; And this circumstance does not follow menstruation. 10.-3. The presence of milk, although a common sign of childbirth, is not always to be considered, since this secretion can take place independently of pregnancy. 11.-4. Wrinkles and relaxations of the abdomen that follow childbirth can be the result of dropsy or nonsense after severe obesity. .